December 25th, 2006

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Discover by the process of evolution

You may think I’m not agreeing with my self on this post, but this is not the case. We should have a good sense on how to solve problems. Sometimes we are able to define the entire problem and understand it well. But may be occasions where we cannot define it 100%. So what is the best solution?

  1. Stay forever trying to figure out what the problem is
  2. Jump into a solution, for a not well defined problem, and get the process of evolution bring all the problem’s variables

There’s no rule of thumb and we have to have an engineering sense that tell us when we are ready to jump into a solution. Whenever you feel secure about your problem definition then jump into a solution. If all variables of the problem were not identified previously, you’ll see how naturally they’ll come in.

I already experienced the feeling of having to decide which path to follow, and one thing I’m convinced, you must have an engineering sense.

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Are you thinking to start a Startup

I found a valuable resource you can read about starting a startup. Is a quite controversial article but having many facts that you should be aware of.

I found very interesting the way Paul expose the traditional learning environment and how does school (doesn’t) help us to get a startup up and running with success.

I think Paul is very pragmatic with his ideas. A phrase I liked a lot, and which I quote here:

You don’t get money from your work but from doing things that people want

This is a fact. And is this leaned in school?

Read the article here.

Written by j.pereira on December 25th, 2006 with no comments.
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