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Open Source ahead

City of Amesterdam is planning to invest, in the first half of 2007, 200.000 € (400.000 US$), testing open source software to use in two administrative districts. The initial interest of city of Amesterdam is Linux based Operating systems and Document Software, to replace Windows and Office, respectively.

This will lead to a weaker contract with Microsoft and give the public administration the advantage to be unlocked from the software suppliers (read Microsoft).

Other European cities, like Munich (Germany) and Viena (Austria) are switching partially to open source, however, like the city of Amesterdam, they will not give up entirely from Microsoft software :(

City of Amesterdam point, as big advantages of using Open Source, the following facts:

To this initiative, nine German cities have joined also, including Haarlem, Groningen, Eindhoven and Nijmegen. These cities had signed a manifesto called “manifesto for open software in government”. (I couldn’t find a link to this, sorry. If you know, then tell me)

Just hope that other European countries join the initiative.

Have a nice 2007 with much good news on Open Source.

Written by j.pereira on December 26th, 2006 with no comments.
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Niguém te paga pelo teu trabalho….

Cá está o meu primeiro post em Português. Quero avisar o pessoal que tanto escrevo em Português como em Inglês.

O que vos quero falar hoje é sobre algo que muitas pessoas ainda não entenderam. As pessoas não pagam um produto/serviço pelo trabalho mas sim pelo valor que esse produto ou serviço lhes traz.

Ora vejamos um exemplo muito simples, os sapatos. Quanto acham que custa o trabalho de fazer um par de sapatos? Eu sinceramente não sei, mas deve andar à volta do 5€, incluindo todo o processo, desde design até à logística. No entanto as pessoas dão muito mais que 5 € por um par de sapatos. Porquê? É pelo valor que esse par de sapatos traz. Há quem esteja disposto a pagar cerca de 300% a mais do custo do trabalho de fazer um par de sapatos (os chamados sapatos de “Marca”. Claro que existe também a qualidade associada aos vários preços de sapatos. Mas de qualquer das formas o que eu quero demonstrar aqui, não tem nada haver com sapatos. O facto é que se os sapatos não trouxessem valor nenhum às pessoas, concerteza os sapatos seriam bastante mais baratos.
Um novo serviço ou produto que custe 100€ para o trazer para o mercado, mas que não traga o valor de 100€ às pessoas, é à partida um produto ou serviço falhado. Um total desastre.

Vejamos uma simples conversa entre vendedor e possível cliente.

Vendedor: Vendo-lhe esta máquina por 2000€.

Cliente: Mas essa máquina não vale 2000€

Vendedor: O trabalho que ela deu a fazer custou 1900€, e não posso fazer mais barato.

Cliente: Não me interessa o trabalho que ela deu para fazer, ou quanto gastaram no fabrico da máquina. Essa máquina para mim vale 500€, porque é o valor que ela me vai trazer. Apenas de 500€, por isso apenas lhe dou 500€ pela máquina.

Conclusão? Ninguém te paga pelo trabalho que fazes, mas sim pelo valor que trazes.

Written by j.pereira on December 26th, 2006 with no comments.
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Discover by the process of evolution

You may think I’m not agreeing with my self on this post, but this is not the case. We should have a good sense on how to solve problems. Sometimes we are able to define the entire problem and understand it well. But may be occasions where we cannot define it 100%. So what is the best solution?

  1. Stay forever trying to figure out what the problem is
  2. Jump into a solution, for a not well defined problem, and get the process of evolution bring all the problem’s variables

There’s no rule of thumb and we have to have an engineering sense that tell us when we are ready to jump into a solution. Whenever you feel secure about your problem definition then jump into a solution. If all variables of the problem were not identified previously, you’ll see how naturally they’ll come in.

I already experienced the feeling of having to decide which path to follow, and one thing I’m convinced, you must have an engineering sense.

Written by j.pereira on December 25th, 2006 with no comments.
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Are you thinking to start a Startup

I found a valuable resource you can read about starting a startup. Is a quite controversial article but having many facts that you should be aware of.

I found very interesting the way Paul expose the traditional learning environment and how does school (doesn’t) help us to get a startup up and running with success.

I think Paul is very pragmatic with his ideas. A phrase I liked a lot, and which I quote here:

You don’t get money from your work but from doing things that people want

This is a fact. And is this leaned in school?

Read the article here.

Written by j.pereira on December 25th, 2006 with no comments.
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My online album

I set up a script on my web server to show some of my photos to the world.

I used Gallery script. Gallery is a very nice and easy to use script that does the work.

Chek it out here

Written by j.pereira on December 24th, 2006 with no comments.
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Get a problem before a solution

During my short career as Software Engineer and Software Architect I found that better than have a solution is to have a well understandable problem.

People, especially from Software industry, try to jump into a solution immediately, they are anxious to start scratching solutions and write code. But, they scratching and writing code for what? Solving which problem? It’s a big matter to have a well defined problem, with all involved variables identified and within the right context, and then you’ll realize that finding a solution is a matter of seconds.

Take my advice, be sure that you understand well the problem, and where the problem does exist, and who’s having that problem, and then find a solution for that problem.

I like to cite Albert Einstein, when people come with their solutions, and I ask “What is this solution for?” They start to think, and I immediately learn that they have no clue what they’re trying to solving.

If I had one hour to save the world, I’ll spend 59 minutes to find the problem and one minute to find the solution - Albert Einstein

Do never forget this: you can’t have a solution if you haven’t a problem.

Merry Christmas

Written by j.pereira on December 24th, 2006 with no comments.
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Java Black Belt

So, do you think you know Java? I’m sure you know. But do you know the internals? Yeah, I’m also pretty sure you know. Ok, but do you really now Java programming to that point you’re not afraid to test your skills on java programming?

Jonh Rizzo and Nicolas Brasseur have given an opportunity to the community to test their own skills on Java. is indeed, from my point of view, a great tool for Java developer’s community. There are a lot of exams and tests you can do to assess your skills on java. A great idea, undeniably, is to have a community of certifications on Java, especially after Java goes Open Source.

A lot of knowledge around java, including Hibernate, Java 5, Ant, Log4j, JUnit and lots of more Java oriented tools and technologies, is what you can find in

The tests and exams are provided by the community, reviewed by the community and approved by the community. By being involved in this community of Java certifications you have a great chance to prove that you are a real Java developer.

Take a test and participate by submitting and reviewing questions, and learn the amazing programming language that is Java.

You can find all the information on the site, but as an overview, you always start as a white belt and if you are really good, you can be a black belt java developer. Can you take the challenge? Try on

Written by j.pereira on December 23rd, 2006 with no comments.
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This article sucks

I do not agree with this guy. He is looking to Open Source as Operating Systems only. The next big thing in OS will be management solutions build on top of Open Source.

Sorry dude, I connot agree with you. Your article seems from the twenty century.

Written by j.pereira on December 21st, 2006 with no comments.
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Would you use an Open Source Course Management System?

Some of my friends are teachers, also my girlfriend is a teacher (unemployed teacher in fact), and even I was, in the past, a part-time teacher and trainer. That’s why I have a special interest in E-Learning platforms. Once I took a course online and in overall I was very disappointed. My disappointment is due the fact that the platform used for e-learning sucks.

Does not matter to have a good idea, it’s also important - and a lot of importance - to have the adequate set of tools. Recently I found a great and very busy Open Source platform for E-Learning. This system is a CMS (Course Management System) and runs on client side only by using a web browser. In the Server side a bunch of PHP scripts and a MySql Server does the hard work. It’s an amazing tool; it includes all the needed features to have a complete solution, out of box, for E-Learning programs, and also traditional learning programs.

If you need some help implementing this solution for you, you can give me a chance.

Check it out.

And for my question: Yes I would use.

Written by j.pereira on December 21st, 2006 with no comments.
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Enterprise Open Source goes beyond the Operating Systems

A lot of talk is on the table about a complete IT stack based only on Open Source.

Innovation has a new definition. Innovation is not anymore a bunch of great technology useless for companies, but instead is the appropriate use of existing technology to meet customers needs. A innovative answer can be a “No! Don’t do anything” kind of answer.

Enterprises are more aware that the technology is not a enemy of business, but it can be a partner of their business. Also, enterprises are looking in Open Source world the right technology for their business.

Indeed, Open Source is one of the best technologies to help business, and a lot of people are starting to look to this technology from new perspectives.

I do believe that 2007 will be a turnaround year for Open Source. As do I believe, some other experts do believe it too.

Take a look here and here.

Written by j.pereira on December 21st, 2006 with no comments.
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