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Do your Google fights

Did you ever wonder which “keyword” is most popular on the Google world?

Do your fights.

Oracle vs MySql

Ok, almost a tie :)

Written by j.pereira on January 31st, 2007 with no comments.
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Vista officially released today

Today, within a minutes, Vista will be officially released in Portugal. A lot of buzz about this event seems like Vista will change people’s life or something… One thing is for sure, users have to relearn a new operating system.

We are being annoyed with this event in our public TV and some radio stations.
And guess what? You can win a Vista license autographed by Bill Gates :) What’s the point?

Microsoft is paying a lot for this kind of ads and “non-news” in our media channels and this is the big advantage of Microsoft. They have millions to spend in promoting their products.

Well, there’s some folks believing that the fact that users have to relearn using a new operating system, it is a great opportunity for Mac OS. Others have their arguments against Mac OS doing a direct competition with Vista. Every one has their arguments, and mine is that Apple will not take the advantage of this. Apple can get in big trouble with the giant Microsoft if they take their shot.

The same guys that break all rules to win the market can take down any competitor with a blink. Microsoft has an aggressive marketing strategy, and they are succeeding with it. The same marketing strategy, though some may find unethical, is something that I admire in Microsoft.

Be sure if you want waste your time and money with Vista.

Asta la Vista,

Written by j.pereira on January 29th, 2007 with no comments.
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Penryn: the new Intel Microprocessor

I’m not the kind of guy that pays much attention to the market of microprocessors. What do I want from any microprocessor is speed, low power consumption and small size (to fit in my laptop:) ).

The last news I heard about microprocessors was the launch of the Core2Duo, Core2Extreme and Core2Quad. I remember at the end of 2006 to watch a live presentation of the Core2Duo and the Core2Quad and now Intel is coming with news about its new microprocessor, code name Penryn. This new microprocessor will not be built with the conventional Silicon materials, but instead with the new High-K dielectrics technology. This new technology, as far as I could learn, will allow a lesser power consumption, lesser heat generation and smaller transistors. Intel announced that the new processor will be out to market at the end of this year. An interesting follow up for this topic can be found here.
I was thinking to switch my laptop for a Core2Duo, but it seems I should wait a little more to switch to the Penryn.

Written by j.pereira on January 28th, 2007 with no comments.
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Why software sucks

Programmers care deeply about the internals of the software whilst users care more deeply if the software does its work. And if software doesn’t do the work, then software sucks and is never used by the user. This is one of the main concerns of David Platt in this podcast.

David point out one of the main reasons why most of the time Open Source software fails in what concerns to user adoption. Open source communities are producing what they want to produce. They write software for themselves to use. And as long as they have what they want to produce they succeed. But they are not writing software for the users, thus users will not use the software they use. David also states that the guys who like Linux are writing code for themselves, and this I do also agree for most of the times.

This is a gotcha of OSS, and I recognize and agree with him. Fortunately, more and more OSS is also concerned about the end user.

If you want to succeed, think about to give your users what they want.

Written by j.pereira on January 26th, 2007 with no comments.
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Mashups. WEB2.0 Meets enterprise

That’s the way to go. We’ve seen the raise of many, many mashups flowering in the web last year. I want to leave you here a great article on the subject. This article introduces the new IBM’s QEDWiki platform. This platform allows users to get on minutes a complete mashup without touching a bit of code. Enjoy.

Written by j.pereira on January 22nd, 2007 with no comments.
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N800 and mesh networks

I’ve been reading Paulo ’s posts where he’s writing a lot about the N770 and also about N800, both from Nokia. It was when reading his last post that something pop from my mind. Nokia, it’s taking the advantage with its Open Source movement. While other vendors have their closed system, Nokia is giving all away. Nokia is giving the opportunity to the Open Source community to develop software for their equipments. They’re also getting the opportunity of the large adoption of the mobility and the next generation of communication networks.

Having the community building software for the Nokia devices, will contribute to a myriad of applications freely available for these devices, but everyone has to have one Nokia device to run these applications, and who’s selling the devices? Nokia. So, both, users and Nokia, get what they want at the end. That’s Nokia advantage getting their device Open Source.

An interesting idea Paulo have here is about the development of the software to build mesh networks, and run them also in the N800. This is great, indeed. Sometime ago I have my mind to shutdown the adoption of these devices. Why? Because the lack of connectivity in almost everywhere. Ok, so I could use my N800 at home using my wireless network, But about when travelling? There are also many available WI-FI hotspots around Portugal, but you don’t have a seamless access to the Internet. You have to have an account in most of them. Connecting to theses networks sometimes it gets so hard, that when you already connected, you are in the train and you’ve lost your WI-FI signal.

So, what you need is a network like the GSM, where your devices, seamless handover the connection to from one BTS to another BTS? Yes. But not like the GSM centralized architecture. The idea is to have a distributed network where every node in the network shares their resources. Each device in the network select the best peer to connect and share its resources with it, and the other peer also share its devices resources.

Yeah, like peer-to-peer computer network. You share mine, and you share yours.


Cool, what a nice idea!!! If they are doing it for sharing movies, music, documents, and any other format you can imagine, why can’t we share our internet connection in the same fashion? That’s a good question. Probably, because the lack of available technology?? The lack of available users??? I don’t know which reasons are, but one thing you can be sure, we have the knowledge and the willingness to build such a community.

We are already assisting to some of these movements, where we can share the internet with our friends. There are also others that are using the concept as a business. It’s what’s called wireless community network and wireless mesh networks.

But we now are talking about wireless devices, like the N800, sharing its resources.

WEB 2.0 its all about communities. Don’t you agree?

By having now the tools and the devices we can now build the next generation of the wireless community networks. And everything is open.

Written by j.pereira on January 20th, 2007 with no comments.
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Thanks to PPires and Tó for the great videos




If you now some more, leave them here.

Written by j.pereira on January 19th, 2007 with no comments.
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I want one of these

No words :)

Here’s what iPhone really is.

Thanks to Toy

Written by j.pereira on January 19th, 2007 with no comments.
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Enterprise-ready Open Source

Would you use Ubuntu as corporate wide operative system?

And about MySql? Are you willing to use it in the next release of your CRM solution?
Optaros, an international firm that provides consulting and system integration services, published a report (you have to register to download the report) where they point 260 open source products/projects y.
This is good tool to use when sitting down with your CEO or CIO trying convincing him to adopt Open Source Software.
Find the report here (you have to register to download the report)



Written by j.pereira on January 17th, 2007 with 2 comments.
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Do your surveys

QuestionForm, a Portuguese service, is a powerful tool and innovative service, from my perspective.

Citing from their site:

questionform is a new web application for creating, publishing and analysing multi-language online surveys and forms.

They have two types of accounts, a paid account and a free account. I started to test the free account (may be I’ll be buying one paid account soon).
In the free account you have only 2 surveys available.

I started to sign up, the signup process is very simple and intuitive. By siging up you get a sub-domain from QuestionForm. Mine is jpereira.questionform.com :)
A minor point at sign up process. When asked for the e-mail I could read “must be a valid e-mail address, confirmation will be required”. However, I haven’t any email in my inbox for this purpose, although I can use the service.

When you create a new survey, you get an URI . The URIs is the way every service will be known in the future ;) . I created the “MyFirstSurvey” and you can reach it here .
The interface is very, very simple with drag&drop features and a properties box per element. Nice done!!.
One of the minor bugs I found is about the back button on the Browser. Unfortunately is a hard-to-deal problem in this kind of applications. I’ve lost a survey by accidentally pressing the “Backspace” key when the focus was in the wrong place :(
However, they have great features. You can publish your survey at your pages or blogs, send invitation by e-mail, redirect the pages, apply themes, use multilinguages, see statistics and much more, though in beta version.
The features of redirecting pages and applying themes will be only available in the paid version.
The usability? I loved it, but I’m not the right person to talk about it. Maybe Ivo can give a shot here.

Thanks for the nice tool.
Bottom line: I feel that a private area would be great, where participants could only fill the surveys by identifying themselves, by a code generated by the tool and automatically sent to the participants email, in the invitation. May be also planned?

Thanks to Hugo Silva for pointing this service in his post about iPhone :) .

Try it, it’s free.



Written by j.pereira on January 17th, 2007 with no comments.
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