January 16th, 2007

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Open Source on BBC Radio

Here’s a BBC quality radio program called “New Wave Computing”. The program was broadcasted on Radio 4 and has Peter Day as host.
Some Interesting interviews with some Open Source folks are worth to listen.

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Microsoft Enterprise Open Source

Yes! Your eyes are ok. I did write, in the title of this post, “Microsoft Enterprise Open Source”!!! I came across this company’s site, where they believe they have an Open Source solution. :) :)
I confess, I didn’t have much research on that thing, but I found this :

Aras Innovator® enterprise open source software solutions deploy quickly and adapt easily while maintaining upgradeability resulting in a significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership than conventional enterprise systems.

Note the use of “open source” in their statement. I gone through the site trying to figure out in which licence they are releasing their enterprise software. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any more reference to open source that the one in the front page and the one I cited above.

I did also have a look at their forum, where they have a total of 21 posts in a total of 12 threads (although the statistics of the forum point to 24 threads and 28 posts)
See bellow:

Click on the image to open larger in a new window.
It’s harder to get a good community for any open source project, but being built on Microsoft technology, I think its get harder, even impossible. Let’s see…


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Don’t take the wrong path…

It’s a pleasant reading.

The link was sent to me by a co-worker (André, where is your blog?) and is one of the must-read articles from the great author Paul Graham. It can be an extensive article, though, but I do agree with all of the 18 mistakes he is pointing out. He has a lot of articles and each deserve the time you spend reading them.

His book, Hackers and Painters, it’s a nice book to read also. Take a look.

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