January 20th, 2007

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N800 and mesh networks

I’ve been reading Paulo ’s posts where he’s writing a lot about the N770 and also about N800, both from Nokia. It was when reading his last post that something pop from my mind. Nokia, it’s taking the advantage with its Open Source movement. While other vendors have their closed system, Nokia is giving all away. Nokia is giving the opportunity to the Open Source community to develop software for their equipments. They’re also getting the opportunity of the large adoption of the mobility and the next generation of communication networks.

Having the community building software for the Nokia devices, will contribute to a myriad of applications freely available for these devices, but everyone has to have one Nokia device to run these applications, and who’s selling the devices? Nokia. So, both, users and Nokia, get what they want at the end. That’s Nokia advantage getting their device Open Source.

An interesting idea Paulo have here is about the development of the software to build mesh networks, and run them also in the N800. This is great, indeed. Sometime ago I have my mind to shutdown the adoption of these devices. Why? Because the lack of connectivity in almost everywhere. Ok, so I could use my N800 at home using my wireless network, But about when travelling? There are also many available WI-FI hotspots around Portugal, but you don’t have a seamless access to the Internet. You have to have an account in most of them. Connecting to theses networks sometimes it gets so hard, that when you already connected, you are in the train and you’ve lost your WI-FI signal.

So, what you need is a network like the GSM, where your devices, seamless handover the connection to from one BTS to another BTS? Yes. But not like the GSM centralized architecture. The idea is to have a distributed network where every node in the network shares their resources. Each device in the network select the best peer to connect and share its resources with it, and the other peer also share its devices resources.

Yeah, like peer-to-peer computer network. You share mine, and you share yours.


Cool, what a nice idea!!! If they are doing it for sharing movies, music, documents, and any other format you can imagine, why can’t we share our internet connection in the same fashion? That’s a good question. Probably, because the lack of available technology?? The lack of available users??? I don’t know which reasons are, but one thing you can be sure, we have the knowledge and the willingness to build such a community.

We are already assisting to some of these movements, where we can share the internet with our friends. There are also others that are using the concept as a business. It’s what’s called wireless community network and wireless mesh networks.

But we now are talking about wireless devices, like the N800, sharing its resources.

WEB 2.0 its all about communities. Don’t you agree?

By having now the tools and the devices we can now build the next generation of the wireless community networks. And everything is open.

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