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Buying n95

Estava quase…

me: hi there. Still selling mobile phones?
FELA: yes my friend
how are u ?
me: fine. I’m looking for a n95 when I found your message
how much a n95 sent to portugal?
FELA: the nokia n95 will cost you $400 if you are buying in bulk
me: so, only in bulk?
FELA: and we ship through FedEx,it cost $50 per units
so my friend how many units do you want to buy ?
me: which are the minimum units are u selling
FELA: our MOQ is 5 units but you can order any units for sample
Sent at 10:41 PM on Monday
me: can u send one just to show to potential buyer around here, just for the half of the price, with the promess that I’ll make more orders, at the regular price afterwards
Sent at 10:43 PM on Monday
FELA: ok my friend pay $300
and i will ship it to you since you promise to buy more
Sent at 10:46 PM on Monday
me: Some mobile operators here in portugal are lauching soon the phone in the market, so after a couple of weeks, the phone will not sell so well after that, and the problem now it’s that i’m in a low budjet, ony available 200$, and I must be quick to keep advantage,
FELA: are u there ?
me: yeahh
I sent a message meanwhile, didn’t u get it?
FELA: yes my friend
me: yes, we have a deal?
FELA: hello
are u there ?
so how much will you pay now including shipping ?
me: so, I’m guessing you not want a deal.
FELA: ok ok
where is your shipping address ?
me: but, wait, we must set now the billing details
FELA: ok
Sent at 10:58 PM on Monday
me: I use to use paypal for these business, are you accepting paypal?
FELA: i will send you our accountant payment information through western union for you to make the payment to him
me: I ‘m not a very friend of western union, I must confess
FELA: ok my friend
you mean you dont know how to make payment through western union ?
me: no, I’m telling you that I’ve been burned in the past by using western union [smile]
FELA: ooh i understand
but we are not like that
ok ?
me: i do believe in you, but so many money lost in the past that I promissed my self not lost more money like that, I’m forbidden to use wu
FELA: ok my friend when next you order from us i will give you one free ipod to build a business relationship with you
Sent at 11:04 PM on Monday
me: you must understand my concerns, I’ve lost almost 10k in bussiness using wu
FELA: why dont you try us and we will not fail you
we accept paypal but not for small order
Sent at 11:06 PM on Monday
FELA: ok ?
me: I can’t break my rules, sorry
FELA: ok my friend
bye when you want to order in bulk let me know
me: sure, I’ll back to u in the next opportunity
FELA: so that we can accept paypal payment from you
me: sure friend

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Invest wisely

Invest wisely:

Invest green

Invest with energy

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Teste ao post do Flickr

Não liguem. Ando apenas a fazer um teste…

Written by j.pereira on June 7th, 2007 with 3 comments.
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Dia nacional do cão!??!

Este “homem” é um génio. Propôs o dia nacional do cão, dia 6 de Junho….

Deve ter algum acordo com um produtor de ossos artificiais ou qq coisa parecida.

depois vinha do dia nacional do gato, do coelho da galinha, etc etc


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Hello world!!!

Yeah!! My Wordpress is alive, and nothing better than an “Hello World” to prove it.

I’ll shortly return here to talk a bit more about something.

See you soon.

Written by j.pereira on December 20th, 2006 with no comments.
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