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iPhone moving money already

The iPhone is not out yet, but there’s a lot of money already around the hype.
I went to eBay searching for the N800 and I was stupefied when I came across a link where someone is selling an iPhone. I didn’t understand what that guy was selling, that’s for sure.
I felt curious and have a search on iPhone, in eBay, and guess what? Many, many deals by selling domains and e-mails :) :)
That’s business. They’re taking the opportunity.

Written by j.pereira on January 14th, 2007 with no comments.
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A intenção era de apenas de ver a programação da Fox Espanha. Mas lá fui surpreendido por mais uma das belezas que a tecnologia Microsoft consegue trazer aos seus clientes.

Microsoft beauty

Written by j.pereira on January 4th, 2007 with 2 comments.
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Will Microsoft be original one of these days?

I don’t think so…

I don’t run vista because I have no money to upgrade my system. But I had a LOL seeing some new things that vista brought to us.

Asta la vista baby.

See here

Written by j.pereira on December 20th, 2006 with no comments.
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