India as IT Outsource option?

Yeah. We, in Portugal, used to say that we, further than reasonable low labor costs, could get the work done effectively, with quality. But it seems we are loosing (or have we already lost?) IT Outsourced projects to India.

India, as opposite to Portugal, is investing in training, and valuing their human resources. Portugal should have the same approach to the global economy. We’re loosing some battles when we try to bring value to our country. We did already realized that the traditional industry is nor working anymore. Let’s make Portugal a place for IT outsourced projects.

The firms are not winning such deals just because they have lower costs, but because they are also delivering high-quality (often higher) projects in a manner that customers like.

We’re also competent, and we are also capable to bring such value to customers, and also to our country. Don’t try to find excuses in the government leaders, this country, as any other country, is the people who live here, and not the government leaders.

Written by j.pereira on December 27th, 2006 with no comments.
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